25 Ways To Bring A Smile To Your Face (And Others)

Get into the healing power of smiles in honor of World Smile Day!

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Hey, beauties! Are you all about a cute lippie or beautiful balm under your mask? So are we! Whether it’s the shine of your own natural lips or a fab new hue, it feels good to feel beautiful and smile.
It’s also healing. Not only does smiling elevate our mood and relieve stress—it is also believed to make us happier, improve sleep, and extend our lifespan. But, between social distancing, wearing masks, and beginning to navigate a new world, smiles continue to be much harder to come by—but they are needed even more!

So, in honor of World Smile Day, we have teamed with Burt’s Bees (you have got to try their Tinted Lip Balm!) to help you #showyoursmile via moments of joy and meaningful connections.

Reflect Beauty is all about celebrating our beauty inside and out, and Burt’s Bees is all about channeling your natural beauty and stepping into your confidence. Inspired by nature’s beauty and resilience, we are reminded that there is strength in vulnerability and the power to make big change through small acts of kindness.
So, here are 25 ways you can bring a smile to your face—and those around you:

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  1. FaceTime your mom and tell her she’s amazing.
  2. Buy a coffee for the person behind you at the drive-thru.
  3. Offer to run errands for your grandmother.
  4. Text a friend an unexpected compliment.
  5. Send someone an old photo of your sweetest memory together.
  6. Gift your bestie a Burt’s Bees Personalized Lip Balm.
  7. Invite a friend to join you for a hike, beach stroll, or walk in the park.
  8. Mail someone a handwritten card.
  9. Leave a note for someone to find in a book.
  10. Let someone go ahead of you in the grocery line.
  11. Send an appetizer or dessert to another table.
  12. Make someone a playlist that they’d appreciate.
  13. Plan a virtual yoga or meditation session to help someone you love feel more grounded.
  14. Leave a joke on your friends/family voicemail.
Latina woman gardening in greenhouse
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  1. Send a sweet DM (be classy, now!) to someone you follow on social media and have always admired.
  2. Tell a coworker that they’re doing a great job!
  3. Identify a skill of yours (e.g., cooking, writing, gardening, salsa dancing, etc.) and share it with someone who’ll appreciate it.
  4. Donate books to an organization that serves those in need.
  5. Offer to make a grocery run for an elderly neighbor.
  6. Send a care package (bonus points for including one of Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balms.)
  7. Leave an encouraging sticky note on someone’s dashboard.
  8. Drop off a family favorite meal to a cousin or other relative.
  9. Tip your local street vendor.
  10. Compliment another woman in public.
  11. Support a friend’s passion project or new side hustle by leaving a comment, sharing, or reposting their work via social.

Have fun as you look for these moments to bring and keep a smile on your face so that you can light up the next person’s.
With just a few of these small acts of kindness, you’ll be well on your way to bringing and keeping a smile on your loved one’s faces — and yours. So, sis, we encourage you to show off that beautiful smile wherever you go!
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