How To Find The Perfect Purple Blush For Your Skin Tone

Purple blush
Photos courtesy brands//Artwork by Jaelene Munoz

Blush is essential for everyday makeup for highlighting our skin to give us a radiant glow. With a few swipes, it can brighten your complexion – making you look healthier and more youthful. While pinks have been a go-to, we’ve fallen in love with purple hues! Purple blush can give you a really pretty flushed effect and help brighten dull skin.

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Not sure what color works best for you? Here’s how to find the right shade for your skin tone – and how to apply it. 

Color Chart
Color chart // Artwork: Jaelene Munoz

Finding the Right Shade

Follow the color guide above, to find the perfect shade of blush for you! 

Fair Skin Tones

For fair to light skin tones, reach for a pale or lavender/lilac color, which is perfect for everyday wear. 

Try: LORAC Color Source Buildable Blush (Ultra Violet), $23

Light To Medium Skin Tones

Tan or medium skin tones will pair perfectly with a pure purple color. 

Try: Makeup Up For Ever Highlight, Sculpt and Blush Powder (Plum Blush), $25

Deep Skin Tones

And lastly, for deeper skin tones, look for shades that are deeper and have mauve or plum pigments to them.

Try: Danessa Myricks Beauty Vision Flush Blush, Eyeshadow and Lip Color (Grape), $20

Fenty Beauty X Drama Class
Photo courtesy Fenty Beauty

How To Apply

Once you’ve found the perfect shade to complement your skin, the next step is the perfect application. As always, for blush, it’s best to start with a small amount on the apple of your cheek and continue to build it up using circular motions with your brush. 

For a more natural look, cream or liquid blushes are the routes to go since they are easier to apply and diffuse the pigment. 

Purple blush may just be a trend but like all makeup, it’s fun to experiment and play! Let us know your thoughts and if you’ve tried purple blush.