6 Workout Glow-Up Tips from Stuntwoman April Sutton

Enjoy an active lifestyle, with a side of healthy skin.

Stuntwoman April Sutton Shares Her Workout Beauty Tips | Reflect Beauty
Photo Credit: Deborah Castellanos

There really is no excuse to not exercise outdoors when the sun has officially come out to play. We don’t need to remind you of the countless benefits to working out regularly, especially outside—you get to breathe in fresh air, enjoy much-needed vitamin D (responsibly, with SPF!), and maintain an active lifestyle. Of course, let’s not kid ourselves. We all still want to look good post-workout—never know who we might run into.  

Luckily for all of us, we caught up with stuntwoman and personal trainer April Sutton to learn more about how she keeps her hair and skin in tip-top shape during her most active moments. 

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1. Simplify Your Pre-Workout Skincare Routine

Sutton prefers to keep things simple when it comes to her pre-workout skincare routine. The Atlanta-based stuntwoman starts off with using makeup remover towelettes from Burt’s Bees to awaken her skin in the mornings, then uses a cleanser from Neutrogena, before applying a depuffing eye cream and face moisturizer. While she follows up her regimen with barely-there makeup, courtesy of Revlon ColorStay Full Cover Matte Foundation, the lightweight, matte foundation she swears by, for her “naturally oily skin,” she makes sure to always cleanse her face before and after exercise.

Sutton also gives a special shout-out to the e.l.f. Stay All Day Blue Light Micro-Setting Mist, a refreshing and soothing setting spray she spritzes after applying her foundation. “It keeps my makeup locked,” she says. “I can sweat up a storm, and it stays on.”

2. Slip On Breathable Workout Gear

While looking cute during squats is always favored, making sure you wear an outfit that’s breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying can benefit the skin on your body. And make sure not to stay in your sweaty gear for too long after your workout ends — doing so can potentially lead to breakouts and infections due to the buildup of bacteria.

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3. Keep Your Hair Up During Your Workout

Tying your hair up before you start your sweat session is key; Keeping strands away from your face can prevent potential breakouts. And when it comes to haircare? Being mindful of the products you use is also essential. Sutton is currently “going through a deep-conditioning phase” when it comes to her own mane. “If I don’t regularly use a mask and leave-in conditioner on my natural hair that’s also color-treated, sweating can really damage and dry it out,” she says.

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4. Use a Different Towel to Wipe Your Face

It goes without saying that using the same towel you use to wipe sweat off your body to dry your face is not recommended. Keep both separate as the transfer of bacteria won’t bode well for your complexion (or skin on your body for that matter). “I use a different towel for my face when I work out,” shares Sutton. “I have a second for my body that I bring with me, too.”

Placement is also important: Don’t put your face towel on the ground! “If the towel is on the floor or on a bench and you use it on your face, then you’re just putting whatever was on the floor on your face,” shares Sutton.

5. Always Double Cleanse After Your Workout

But there’s one step you should always take before cleansing your face. “I wash my hands first before washing my face,” says Sutton, sharing that skipping this step can wreak havoc on the skin. Think of all the equipment you touched during your workout!

After she washes her hands, Sutton uses makeup remover wipes before using a steaming hot towel to wipe away makeup remnants and open up her pores. She follows this up with a cleanser that helps with shine control. Eye cream and moisturizer remain routine mainstays.

6. Adapt to New Beauty Routines

Change in routine is inevitable when you embark on a fitness journey. The best approach? Focusing on your goals and adapting to the rest. 

“Don’t water down your workouts to protect your face and hair,” advises Sutton. “It defeats the purpose of your workout—you won’t work out as hard and you won’t get the results you want! Your skin care and haircare routines have to change and adapt with your new active lifestyle.”

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