This Saltair Review May Surprise You

My reivew on Saltair.

saltair review
Photo Credit: Joy Adaeze

Spend a little time on TikTok and you’re more than likely to come across videos featuring Saltair, specifically their body oil which has been selling out repeatedly. Being body care obsessed, I jumped at the chance to purchase when the Exotic Pulp body oil was restocked. I wanted to treat myself so I also added the matching Exotic Pulp body wash and body spray. The brand’s website described the scent as having “juicy orange, guava and driftwood” and I was immediately interested. A fresh burst of orange in the morning sounded heavenly.

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When my order arrived I was immediately struck by the beautiful packaging. I am a body care girlie and without question, this is the most stunning, attractive packaging I’ve seen for a body oil. The bottle looked sleek, sexy and expensive. Definitely the kind you’d like to have adorning your bathroom counter. Very aesthetically pleasing. I was in the middle of my workday so I decided to apply the oil on my arms along with a few spritzes of the body spray for a fun afternoon pick-me-up.

A few things to note about me— I like lighter scents when it comes to oils and body creams. My skin is on the dry, sensitive side, so I’ve just always steered away from stronger scents except when it comes to perfumes. Upon first application, I noticed that the body oil scent was slightly different from the body spray, which had a sharper note.

Since I like lighter scents, the scent of the body oil and body spray was honestly too strong for me— although I did like the citrus vibe of it. As for texture, the oil didn’t feel like it absorbed well into my skin like my other body oils do. I’m body oil obsessed and my oils typically last all day into the next day. I tried the body wash but again the fragrance was on the stronger side and I also would have preferred more lather. But, this doesn’t mean Saltair won’t work for you. Everyone’s body chemistry is different so what works on one person may not work on another. I also have drier skin and I’m sensitive to strong fragrances, so that played a role in my review. I would definitely encourage you to give it a try for yourself! Although the products above didn’t work out as expected, I have heard great things on TikTok about Saltair’s deodorant and may be giving that a try in the future!

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