Classic Latine Trends That Are Now Part of Mainstream Culture

becky g
Photo Credit: Becky G on Instagram; Artwork: Joy Adaeze

From dominating the music charts to dominating your beauty routine, the Latine influence is just about everywhere. This is especially the case for beauty and fashion. Scroll through TikTok and you’ll find tutorials for beauty trends that Latina women have worn for decades. 

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While these trends are being “rebranded” with phrases like “brownie-glazed lips” and the “clean girl aesthetic,” they are heavily rooted in our culture, becoming symbols of identity and resistance in a time when the Latine community were perceived as lesser than. 

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While it’s unfair that influencers and celebrities can capitalize on these trends by rebranding them into something cutesy and buzzworthy, we can still reclaim them as our own and wear them proudly to embrace our diverse heritage.

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