#5Minuteswith Tracee Ellis Ross 

By Nikki Walton 
Tracee Ellis Ross. Award Winning Actress. Fashion Queen. Hair Icon. Curlfriend. Ask anyone in the natural hair community and they’ll tell you that they’ve admired Tracee Ellis Ross’ curls since the days of Girlfriend’s.  She has inspired generations and helped to usher in a new era where little girls have NO idea what a “relaxer” is.  I had the honor of sitting down with her again for a quick chat on self-love, best life livin’, and her new haircare line, PATTERN.   
Nikki: What’s your morning routine? How does Tracee start her day? 
TER: When I’m not shooting? Leisurely. I’m naturally an early riser, but nothing prepares you for a 4am wake up. I usually set about 4 alarms when I have to wake up early for work. I don’t drink coffee – I get up and get in the shower.    
I love the comprehensive nature of the Pattern line and how it covers every step of the hair care regimen you detailed to me on CurlyNikki.com way back in 2012. What’s the key to your gorgeous hair?!   
TER: I attribute it to healthy products and using as little heat as possible. I think it’s about caring for my hair and listening to it. Not forcing it to do things. I trust my hair even when I get frustrated with it. But my hair goes through phases. It’s very happy right now with PATTERN products. They are my hair’s dream products.  
You look AMAZING! Which lifestyle habit has had the biggest impact on you while becoming the BEST version of yourself– Tracee 2.0 haha! 
TER: You are very kind. I feel good. I feel happy and strong and present. I feel good when my mind, body and soul are healthy. I have a good balance going – I work out regularly but I also take a break when my body needs it. I eat well. I feed my body things that taste good and make me feel good. I laugh as much as possible and try to wear the clothes of life loosely and not take myself too seriously. I’ve learned that my happiness and my joy are actually not contingent upon things going the way I want them to or the way I’ve planned. My joy is a choice and it’s about making space for the mixed bag of life, appreciating the good, being of service to others and staying steady when life feels wobbly.  
What’s your biggest lesson learned in 2019? 
TER: What it feels like when your patience and hard work pays off because seeds that you planted so long ago start to blossom. And that my happiness and my pleasure is mine.  They are within my reach and I don’t have to wait for anyone to live the kind of life I want to be living.  
What are you reading right now?!  
TER: I am currently listening to The H-Spot: The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness by Jill Filipovic.  I just finished reading The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehesi Coates and The Dutch House by Ann Patchett. Next on the list is Less by Andrew Sean Greer.  
 What’s up next? Anything you want to shout out so we can support you?! 
Phase 2 for PATTERN is in the works but it’s a secret until we launch it so stay tuned for that! My movie COVERS should be out around the end of Spring/beginning of Summer, and then of course there’s always my Instagram, so stay tuned for those exciting developments as well! 
I received my PATTERN products in a gorgeous box recently and will be sharing my review right here on ReflectBeauty.com soon! Spoiler- the conditioner is that deal! Absolutely perfect consistency and slip!   
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